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Aortitis in giant cell arteritis is a relatively rare disease. The age of Erectile Dysfunction patients exceeds 55-60 years. Men and women get sick equally often. The inflammatory process is generalized, in almost all cases affecting the aorta, in half of the cases - common carotid, internal carotid, subclavian and iliac arteries, in a quarter of cases - superficial temporal and coronary arteries, brachiocephalic trunk and femoral arteries; occasionally the celiac trunk, mesenteric and renal arteries are involved.

The diagnosis is made on the basis of signs of ED pills of the organs of the aortic arch basin. The most important diagnostic method is aortography. The disease begins with general symptoms: increased fatigue, subfebrile temperature; some patients are concerned about night sweats and myalgia; then severe headaches appear; an increase in blood pressure is often observed. When the superficial temporal arteries are affected, they become painful to the touch (see Giant cell arteritis). A blood test reveals moderate leukocytosis and progressive hypochromic anemia.

In more than a third of patients, the leading clinical picture is ocular symptoms associated with thrombosis of the central retinal artery, retinal hemorrhage, and neuritis. As a result, about a quarter of all patients go blind in one or both eyes. Disorders of cerebral circulation caused by impaired blood flow through large arterial trunks are very difficult in patients.

With timely treatment, the prognosis of syphilitic aortitis is favorable; it is largely determined by the degree of Erectile Dysfunction valve insufficiency and the degree of cardiosclerosis associated with narrowing of the coronary arteries.

In various forms of bacterial aortitis, the disease can be complicated by thromboembolism, bacterial embolism, and aortic rupture.

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